Here at MarketTap we want one thing, and one thing only - to provide our readers with B2B and Digital Marketing content that is informative, interesting, and above all, truly useful.

Our content is divided into two categories:

If you possess marketing knowledge or think you can bring something new and cool to our table, we'd love to have you contribute whether you're in sales or an entrepreneur.  

If you do think you'd like to write for us, send as an email at and include the following:

  • A couple of titles/proposal/ideas
  • Recent published samples of your writing


  • Share insightful tips - something that will help the readers learn something new and take action right away
  • 2,000 and 3,000 words - no more, no less.
  • Please don't include stock and/or copyright-infringing images
  • 2 do-follow backlinks to your company's domain

If your post is accepted, we at MarketTap have the right to change or modify your content without notifying you (the author) first. We're not going to remove your post at any point, either. That's a promise 🤝

If our guidelines seem fair and doable - shoot us an email and let's get the ball rolling (not literally, of course)

Sincerely, the MarketTap Team

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