Every business wants to have a large audience base to ensure they gain a large number of visitors on their website to increase their SEO and rank first on web browsers.

The thing is, with millions of websites all aiming for the same goal, it can sometimes be difficult to get ranked on that desired first results page.

Still, if you know how to go about securing high domain backlinks, you can exponentially increase your chances of being found online.

If you're curious and want to explore the best backlink checker sites, don't hesitate to do so since there is a wealth of information on there to help you out.

In the meantime, here are 10 tips on how to secure backlinks.

1. Original Content πŸ“

A great way to go about securing backlinks is by creating original content that is engaging and can be shared with others. This type of content includes:

  • Podcasts: If you set out to create your own podcast you can include a backlink to your own website and share that podcast on your own social media accounts as well as have it distributed to other outlets based on where you choose to have it published.

That means your podcast can have several landing pages that can each include a backlink to your desired site that is distributed to a platform such as Spotify, iheart radio, Spreaker and so forth.

Additionally, if you choose to have guests on our podcast you can also ask them to share your content on their own personal websites which helps you generate another backlink. Β  Β 

  • Videos: Videos are a great way to share attention-grabbing information as well as get backlinks since videos are one of the most popular media types to share. If the video has relevant and helpful information, it will be easily shared by many people online.

To ensure you can also secure a backlink, just simply include your backlink in the video’s description or in the end card. You can secure a video backlink by coming up with a concept related to your area of expertise and posting it on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or any other site specializing in video sharing services.

That way your profile on those sites is connected to your website and can help engaged viewers find additional information on similar content matter.

  • Infographics: You can post the infographic on social media and Pinterest which is where most people tend to get their images from. Creating an infographic is relatively easy and inexpensive since all you really need is a concept.

You can create an infographic by using free resources such as Canva and then once created, embedding a link into it so when people click it they can be redirected to your website or the article where you originally posted it.

This way every time someone shares your infographic they will also be sharing your backlink.

2. Outreach πŸ’Œ

Just like in life, becoming known requires a lot of hard work, and getting backlinks is no exception.

That is why doing outreach to various outlets within your industry can lead you to acquiring more backlinks.

The best way to go about doing this is by creating informative press materials that can be easily altered to fit the needs of your recipient.

  • Personalized emails: When it comes to securing coverage or leads of any kind, the best way to make yourself known is through an email. The email itself should be crafted specifically for that person by including their name within the email and a complement of some of their work. This way they know you are interested in their own work and feel more comfortable and willing to follow through with your pitch.

Although the email can be personalized, in some manner, you should stick to a specific format of how your email is composed, so that way you do not spend too much time on every single email.

  • Press Releases: A press release can help you secure backlinks automatically when you publish it through a distribution channel such as PR News Wire or PR Log. These distribution channels will also send your press releases to relevant outlets.

Moreover, you can also send your press release to your desired contacts. Since a press release contains timely content that relates to your company and is written by your team, you can include your desired backlink and extra links that can help inspire future articles from your initial information, that can then be shared again with your audience.

3.Submitting Content πŸ“œ

This is where items such as guest posting and backlink exchanges come into play.

  • Guest Post: A guest post is an effective way to establish yourself as a credible source of information on a specific topic while also engaging a new audience. When writing a guest post be sure to include links and resources to other credible resources, and not just your own backlink. It is important to acknowledge others as well to show you are creating this post as a valuable resource and not just for your own benefit.
  • Backlink exchange: A backlink exchange or reciprocal backlinks are when you and another website agree to host each other’s links on your website. Most of the time these links are incorporated as anchor text within an already existing blog post. This tactic is helpful for both parties involved since you both have the opportunity to choose the content you want to link to and what word or phrase you want associated with that link.

4. Free Resources πŸ“°

To help you connect with reporters and bloggers who are in need of quotes or looking to review items to your advantage - resources such as HARO (Help A Reporter Out) are a good way to go.

In exchange for your knowledge on a specific subject or for a product, these sources will include a backlink to your website.

Just keep in mind that these types of resources have a very limited turnaround time as they are based on the reporter’s deadlines.

5.Social Media πŸ“²

Reach out directly to reporters, bloggers and influencers who have shown interest in your competitors.

In fact, there is a better response rate when you send a message to a specific person on social media than through an automated email contact form on someone’s website.

When it comes to the different social media websites out there, you should take different approaches depending on the program.

However, no matter the social profile you choose to use to reach people your initial aim should be to form a relationship with them. Without a relationship with that person, you cannot expect to get something back, especially a backlink.

  • Linkedin: You can use LinkedIn to share your content with industry professionals within your area of expertise or to pitch to them directly. This is most effective once you start a dialogue with the person you are trying to reach by sending them an invitation to add you to their network and discuss other opportunities to collaborate with them. Once they add you to their professional network, be sure to thank them and personalize your pitch to them.
  • Twitter/Instagram: Through Twitter or Instagram you can also follow people in your industry who you want to work with. The most effective way to get their attention on this platform is by tweeting about work of theirs that you admire. Once they like or reply to your tweet, that is when you should send them a direct message with your pitch.
  • Facebook: When it comes to Facebook, a popular way of garnering organic backlinks is actually through Facebook Ads. The way it works is by having your ad targeted to specific consumers and as the ad gains more visibility, you will start to see a spike in the number of natural links produced since followers and users on Facebook will share the content on their own websites.

6. Reviews πŸ—’

Reviews can become a link building tactic since writing quality reviews increases your website’s visibility with each new mention of your product or service.

The way to turn those reviews into a backlink is by turning the reviewer into a lead by contacting that person and asking for the backlink.

You can also write a review of something that is relevant to your business. In doing so you can become an authority on the subject and at the end of your review or in your reviewer profile include the business name and website you want associated since that will become your backlink.

Is an easy and effective way to garner new backlinks for your own website. Essentially you can use a program such as ahrefs with their broken link checker tool to find out which pages are currently linking to these broken links.

With that information, you can reach out to those websites and ask to have your link put in that spot instead.

8.Utilizing Your Competition 🀼

This is another effective strategy to generate more backlinks. The way to build links off of your competition is by taking a look at your competitors who are ranking on specific pages for articles similar to yours. (This can be done by simply googling the title of one of your own blog posts.)

Once you find and read over your competitors material, compare it to your own.

If your blog post is not as detailed and thorough on the subject, then make sure to edit it, until your item is more insightful.

Once this is done, you can reach out to the outlet that published your competitor’s work and submit your newly revised blog post, explaining that yours goes more into detail on the specific subject matter and would, therefore, be more beneficial for them to use your item.

9. Interviews 🀝

This is another simple way to earn backlinks. By doing interviews you establish yourself as an authority in your designated space as well as help publicize your company.

This method is great for brand reputation since it helps inform others what your company stands for and can help garner further media attention.

Within the interview, you can highlight your company multiple times and ask for those mentions to be backlinks to various pages on your site.

Bonus Tip πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Lastly, do not forget to use your own website to your advantage through the use of internal links. Internal links help serve the purpose of allowing website visitors to find relevant information quickly while also helping raise your SEO in the process.

The best way to input internal links is through anchor text spread out throughout your website so that your own helpful links are readily available for your audience.

By using any of these tips you are sure to secure your desired backlinks and build up your online presence.

This article was written by Amy Hernandez. Amy is the Digital and Public Relation Manager at electrIQ marketing where she oversees all outreach and publicity efforts. Since its founding in 2018, electrIQ utilizes several online marketing strategies and premier platform-based growth tactics to develop individualized and innovative methods that allow businesses to not only attract new customers with engaging content, but also reinforce and restore interest with their current customer base.

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