Website Traffic and How to Drive it Home 🧐

Website traffic simply refers to the amount of visits a website gets. It's a term that is extremely popular among people who dabble in the world of websites and SEO rankings, yet it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attain it - especially for the untrained.

Proven Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Website 💯

In today’s oversaturated business world, one of the most important things is getting traffic to your website.  Needless to say, it can be difficult to get traffic to your website and at times even harder to maintain it. This happens not because consumers aren’t looking, it’s just that they have too many options to choose from.

So it’s not surprising that websites like yours may not be doing too well in this rough environment. The silver lining is that there are still some ways to beat the system and greatly improve your website traffic within the shortest possible time, and we are here to show you how! Take a look at these simple tips:

  1. Start guest posting
  2. Diversify your content
  3. Pay attention to headlines
  4. Link internally
  5. Get on social media
  6. Interview leaders
  7. Take on email marketing
  8. Have a responsive website

1.Start Guest posting 👩🏽‍💻

Guest posts can be an excellent means to reach consumers through branded content writing. Have you ever heard the phrase, “the Internet has answers to everything”? Bet you have. This is made possible in part through guest posts. It provides the opportunity for companies to interact with consumers through problem-solving.

Find issues that are related to your niche and provide expert solutions to them. This will make you relatable and trustworthy. Think about it this way: if you needed solutions or an understanding of a technical subject and someone offered the solutions to you every time, wouldn’t you come to trust their expertise and skill on that subject? Sure you would. So by engaging with consumers through problem-solving, you increase the chances of having your website revisited on multiple occasions.

That being said, it’s essential that the content of your guest posts is nothing short of excellent and highly optimized for SEO purposes. It’ll be counterproductive to have hundreds of guest posts that are either lacking in information or too technical to understand, or worst of all, not having it do well with the search engines. That’s a nightmare scenario and you don’t want that to happen. Quality content is an incredibly important part of your success.

2.Diversify Your Content 📕📘

Sometimes, guest posts are a great way to advertise your product and interact with consumers, and sometimes, old school animation will do the trick for you. People are different and they respond to things differently. You’ll want to know how to diversify the content on your platform to drive home a wide variety of traffic while keeping in mind blog content ideas that always work for this exact purpose.

3.Catchy Headlines are Key 📝

The use of catchy headlines is a very effective skill that’s oftentimes employed by the mainstream media.

For instance, there have been countless instances whereby misleading headlines have spiked heated debates on social media platforms only for people to later realize that the article of the headline in question doesn’t have sufficient information to buttress its claims in the headline.

That’s not to say that your headlines should be misleading; however, the underlying idea is to craft them in such a way that would compel consumers to visit your website. For instance, take a look at these two headlines and guess which one readers will gravitate towards.

  • How to Trade on Forex Market
  • Why You’ll Keep Losing Money on Forex Market

While both headlines carry the underlying message of ways to trade on the Forex Market, the later takes a more personal approach that speaks to every Forex trader.

In other words, if you are currently trading, then you know how it feels to lose money, and anyone thinking of trading will want to know the ways to steer clear of extravagant losses. So, whichever demography of traders you belong to, you’ll be curious. That’s how effective a catchy headline can be.

Placing in-text links on in-house content that lead to other content on your website not only helps drive traffic to your platform but also improves the users’ experience with your website. It’s more like giving an in-house tour of your website or blog with your tour guides being the in-text links.

Also, if each link leads to in-house content that provide a deeper and better understanding of the subject matter, then what other option will consumers have other than revisiting your page every time the need arises?

That being said, many inexperienced companies barely know about the merits of in-text links to their SEO ranking. So asking the right questions such as “what is backlink exchange,” will go a long way to helping you pick up the pace of your learning curve.

5.Get Social🗣

It’s no secret that people spend more time on social media platforms than anywhere else on the Internet. So logic dictates that if you want the masses on your platform, you must take it to them and there are plenty of ways social media benefits your business. You can start by optimizing the content on your website so it’s easily shareable. The more people share it, the more traffic you’ll gain.

In addition, you’ll want to open accounts on as many social media platforms as possible, share your content, and begin to interact with consumers in the comments section. That’s because people tend to trust companies or platforms that feel closer and more trustworthy, and there’s no better place to establish such bonds than in the comments section.

6.Interview Industry Leaders 🧑🏾‍💼🎙

Oftentimes, we assume that the industry leaders of our niche will be uptight and not easily approachable due to their status in the community. On the contrary, you’ll be surprised at how much knowledge people are willing to share if you approach them with the right questions.

You cannot even imagine what a 15-20 minute interview with the right person can do for your up and coming platform. Just make sure to brush up on your interviewing skills before actually doing one.

7.Email Marketing 📧

Since the Internet is in the business of making information easily accessible to consumers, why not engage in old school email marketing? Oftentimes, the advantage email marketing presents is that it keeps your brand in the minds of consumers, so when the need for your services or platform arises, they’ll immediately come to you.

We won't even mention the glaring fact that your niche is likely to have hundreds of thousands of similar companies all peddling the same narrative. As such, you might not even show up amongst the top 10 after a simple Google search. And that’s where email marketing will give you the leeway to bypass such hurdles.

Another neat trick to get some extra traffic is to create an HTML email signature and load it up with a call to action banner, some social media links, and a link to your website.

If you do this right, you’ll reap the double benefit of making a professional impression and getting some low cost traffic from your email signature links. If you're a heavy email user this will especially come in handy. You can generate an email signature here.

8.Have a Fast and Responsive Website 💻

Have you ever come across a website that took about a minute to load every time you clicked on something? Well, chances are you’ll likely lose patience and move on to the next platform.

Clearly, a slow and unresponsive website is just bad for business. It’s even deadlier when you are a start-up. To that end, you’ll want to use excellent plugins that’ll give you a responsive website. Plugins can also help you gather valuable info about your visitors.

Being an entrepreneur has never been easy, especially now, due to the oversaturation of content. So you’ve got to be willing to go the extra mile and work harder but smarter than your competitors in order to get noticed by consumers.

With these methods, you’ll not only drive home traffic but also loyal consumers. Those are the best kind any business could ask for and even bigger platforms will have nothing on you.

This article was written by Marie Barnes. Marie is a writer for GearYoda and an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.

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