According to the 2019 stats and reports, Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing platforms. It attracts over 1 billion active users per month. On a daily basis, Stories are being watched by 500 million users. No wonder it is considered to be a platform that marketers and small businesses are the most interested in. Also, don't forget the separate cast of influencers that can market your product or service to their audience.

To cut a long story short, Instagram is one excellent platform for both promoting your product and running an eCommerce business. Its main advantage is visuality. You can immediately show your product and make people want it - all through attractive pictures. That’s the basics of marketing: if possible, it is better to show than to tell.

Still, a mere picture won’t sell your product as effectively as an image augmented with a good selling text. That’s a basic of human psychology — once we see something attractive, we need some additional arguments to purchase it.

That's the tricky part - your text has to be not just attractive, it must also include an offer one can’t refuse. The right words will allow you to shut the trap, adding one more customer to your list. While it might seem obvious that you have to sell your product, not everyone actually understands what words should be used to do so.

Luckily you’ve got us as advisors. Here are your 5 special content writing tips for Instagram ad campaign excellence.

1.Describe benefits rather than properties 🧐

This is the basics of marketing writing and something that people always forget. Until now, a typical text advertisement describing a product has been emphasizing that it is handmade, and painted with utmost care, and made of the best materials, and packed with love. We all have seen millions of such ads, right? Well, here is the first secret. Nobody cares.

When you buy something, you expect that the purchased product or service will help you resolve your issues. You have faced a problem, now you want to spend money to cope with it. That’s what you seek first.

This is why while looking for a tool to get rid of your troubles, you absolutely do not care about the company’s philosophy, or what the product is made of, or what sort of squirrel’s fur was used for the brush that was used for painting… (no squirrels harmed, of course!) You need a solution to your problem, and not all that mindless silly chatter!

When describing your product, forget about yourself. Think of your customers. How will it help those people? What problems can be resolved using your product or service? What will your customer achieve by using your product? First, speak of it, and speak as loud as you can. Then, of course, you can garnish the whole story with minor additional details and properties. It's the best way to wrap up your product description and boost your marketing copy right away.

2.Follow five W’s 💁🏽‍♀️

These are “who, what, where, when, why”. Another basic rule for your text content is to answer those simple questions. The point is that you have to make your Instagram advertising as clear as possible to make sure your audience will be engaged.

1 – Who - a moment to tell more about yourself

2 – What is a description of your offer – if you sell guest posting services, say so directly

3 – Where should contain the answer to where people can buy your products: it is quite important if, in addition to your Instagram profile, you have a shop

4 – When is about an opportunity. “Buy now” simultaneously contains both call to action and the answer to “when”. It is also useful to show people time frames: “You can buy it at our shop every day from 9 to 5”

5 – Why should persuade people to purchase your product, and not your competitors’. It is the right place to include your distinctive features, something your rivals don’t have, or a discount offer to those who will buy your product immediately

Make sure that in the end, your selling text includes a call to action. Push your customers' desire up! “Buy now”, “Order now!” and the similar messages are quite obvious, but will inspire your reader to take an action.

Often people will call you “just to clear the details” - it means that you have to push a bit more. Additional short descriptions or a bullet point list at the end of the text may be your best way to get another client.

3.Remember who you are talking to 🗣

Before writing your text, you have to learn who you are going to speak to. Remember that “buyer persona”? That is it. You have to know who will read what you have written.

It really matters because specific people trust specific words. You can’t talk to a child the same way you speak to your 45-years-old colleague, because the child won’t understand what you have just said. At the same time, you can’t start cheap chatter with plenty of jargon when speaking at a business meeting.

Before using special tools for building those portraits, check your feed. Look at your previous posts and see which ones people enjoyed more than others. Note how people interacted with those praised posts. Also, it is wise to learn which posts were the less read in order not to repeat that same mistake. Learn on your previous experience and add the best ideas to your advertisement.

If you have your brand's voice all figured out, think twice whether you will upkeep it or not. Perhaps your Instagram audience will not engage with it?

“If you maintain a cold and official approach on your website, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should do the same on Instagram. People are different everywhere, and, perhaps, it is always better to address them in a more humane manner. After all, it is people you are dealing with, not numbers,”- says Ben Grant, a social media marketer at Adsy. Check more thoughts about social media.

4.Tell a story📚

People love stories. Especially those they can associate themselves with. If you see something relevant to you, there are high chances you’ll follow it through.

Same thing here, do not try to sell or advertise. Try to influence people by telling them something interesting, useful, or even fun. Try to evoke emotions, seduce people reading your text. Emotions are better than words, so if your text makes people smile, they’ll remember your brand as well.

Another important tip is to be as straightforward as you can. Try your best to make your story or your message short. No one joins Instagram to read, but to watch instead. A picture added to your short and hilarious story is better than a three-page essay, even if it is written by Stephen King himself.

It is really great that you know lots of professional slang and terms, but no one is here to see how smart you are. If no one understands what you have just said, no one will care about the brand.

While writing your text, try to be laconic, humorous, and exciting to your readers. Evaluate it by asking yourself: “Would I read this till the end?”. Be honest, if you do not like what you have just written, nobody else will love it.

Think of something you’d like to read on Instagram and be the one who creates such a piece of text. Sometimes it is really better to write three words instead of three pages. Be brief, be fun, and be smart – that’s the secret of one great text.

5.Make sure you are relevant 👏🏼

If you are trying to reach your audience, the best way to achieve it is to offer them a message which is relevant to them. If you are fond of skiing, you probably won’t be amused reading about quantum physics. Neither will your audience. If you tell your readers about irrelevant things, your advertisement will be ignored or even blocked. There is a metric called “Relevance score” on Instagram, which indicates if your advertisement is in demand.

You may think that it is not easy to be relevant to the audience, and that’s when you should think of writing something to attract relevant influencers. If such a person is attracted to your text, you may have yourself a great ally. These people’s audience will gladly join your ranks and even become your customers.

How to attract such a person? They are people, after all. Make your product interesting to them. It is even easier than talking to a crowd because you have to write a text for just one person.

Use the same techniques, describe profits and offer a solution. Be open and straightforward, interesting, and fun. If possible, invite an influencer to discuss something or even start a dispute. It will grab people’s attention and may grant you numerous reposts and lots of comments.

Lastly, here is the main piece of advice, saved for the conclusion. Always keep in mind that you write for people, not for your boss, or your tutor, or whoever else.

People often can be reached by the weirdest texts ever imagined. It doesn’t mean you should write whatever comes into your mind. Instead, think of influencing people on the other side. Give them emotions, try to help, and be as honest as possible. That’s what they will buy for sure.

Got any other tips for writing texts we haven’t mentioned here? Feel free to share your thoughts with everyone in the most convenient way. Good luck!

This article was written by Marie Barnes. Marie is a Marketing Communication Manager. She also does some photo retouching work at Photza and is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.

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